Excellent mattress cleaning service, will recommend it to all my friends

I thought Asthma was something I had to live with and would need my medicine first thing every morning. Having the mattress sanitised has changed my life.

This service is a must
K. Doyle

Had my mattresses cleaned by the irish bed hygiene co. worth every cent and more. I would highly recommend this mattress cleaning service
A Finley Ashbourne

We are thrilled with the service. We will tell everybody we know. Well done.
Ann & Mick

Could not believe what came out of the mattress. I watched in amazment as all the horrible stuff went into the tube at the side of the hoover.

My Hay-Fever symptoms have improved so much since the irish bed hygiene guys cleaned the mattress. Life had become unbearable, now I feel on top of the world
Liam Power

Brillient service, my asthma has improved, I feel like a new woman.

Excellent service, I am a member of the Asthma Society and can't understand why they are not telling Asthma sufferers about this service.
B. Moloney

Both my children suffer from Asthma. this service has made a huge difference.

I am allergic to dust-mites and had a rash I could not get rid of, it disappeared within days of the service.

Thrilled to have all that creepy stuff out of my bed. Well done lads

Eighteen years of trying to get a good nights sleep and now thanks to IBHC, I am sleeping like a baby.
Richard Connolly

Instant results, best nights sleep in ages

Excellent professional company. Gave me a huge amount of info and my bunged up nose cleared within days. Recommended the mattress cleaning service to all my friends
S. Reid

Deadly service and very reasonable, can't stop telling everyone about the amount of stuff that came out of the mattress

This service is a must and the bed is so fresh now

Everybody out there, you cannot believe what is in your mattresses, get them done today

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