How often should the mattress be sanitised or cleaned ?

It is recommended that the mattress be sanitised every six months.

Can sprays be used to treat the mattress ?

We do not recommend the use of any sprays on a mattress. Liquid based sprays clog the mattress preventing airflow. This can encourage the growth of bacterias, moulds and the dust-mite population. We also do not recommend spraying a mattress that you then sleep on.

How long does the mattress cleaning process take ?

Because of our superior technology, we are extremly efficient. Our mattress cleaning service takes only ten minutes to sanitise a double bed.

Can you sanitise the inside of the mattress ?

Yes. We are the only company in Ireland that can 100% sanitise your mattress. All other mattress cleaning services can only sanitise the surface area of your mattress.

Has your service been laboratory tested ?

Yes. Biotech laboratories in Australia have tested our technology so you can rest assured our technology works.

Can this service help my Asthma ?

Yes. Dust-mites are a leading cause of Asthma, when we irradicate this problem, your quality of life will improve. Just because you are used to getting up in the mornings feeling miserable does not mean you have to.

How long after the service is carried out do we have to wait before we can use the mattress?

The mattress is ready for use immediately after the mattress cleaning service is carried out. Our sanitising precess uses  UV-C ligth and pure Ozone. It is therefore, dry and chemical free.

If I vacuum my mattress will this help ?

Domestic vacuums are not powerful enough to extract the impurities in the mattress. They also, do not have a suitable vacuum head that can loosen the impurities and therefore, most of these impurities / dust-mites clog on the inside surface of the mattress. Domestic vacuums also can have an exhaust which will despense most of the impurities that have been extracted from the mattress into the air in the bedroom.

Will the service stop my mattress from smelling ?

Yes. Pure ozone is the most aggressive antimicrobial agent known to man. It attacks and kills the bacterias that cause the smells.

Do you cost more because you have better technology ?

No. Because our technology is superior, it is faster and less labour intensive, therefore, not only is our mattress cleaning service superior to other services, it also costs less.

Does it matter if my mattress is old ?

No. As long as your mattress is still comfortable, our mattress cleaning service will make it 100% healthy to sleep on.

Do you also carry out the service in hotels ?

Yes. Please see our hotel page for a list of hotels that have used our service.If you are using a hotel in their area, please try to use one of these hotels as by using our mattress cleaning  service they have shown that they take their customer care and hygiene very seriously. Also, please, if you are booking a hotel ask them if they have had their mattresses sanitised to kill the dust-mites, bacterias and moulds that are in them. If they have not, please make a compliant.

Do mattress protectors solve the problem of dust-mites, bacteria's and mould's in the mattress ?

Mattress covers provide no significient protection against this problem. This statement is backed by a scientific study carried out by Dutch scientists and published in the scientific journal "Allergy"

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