Welcome to The Irish Bed Hygiene Company- The only company that can sanitise both the surface and inside of your mattress

So why should you have your mattress cleaned or sanitised?

Everybody should have their mattresses sanitised. But if you, or a member of your family suffer from a dust-mite related allergy or are allergic to dust-mites you need eliminate them from your mattress.

Why would you sleep in a bed with millions of these bug's when they are the main cause of your symptoms?
Get Rid Of Them Now

**** Be Prepared To Be Scared ****

Regardless of your high standards, or how hard you work to keep your home clean, if the mattresses in your home are more than 6 months old, you and your family are lying and sleeping on the most unhygienic item in your home.

Every mattress over six months old has between 50,000 and 2 million Dust-Mites living, crawling, breeding, excreting and dying inside your mattress.

On top of this, the mattress contains a cocktail of bacterias, mould's, fungi, dead skin, dried sweat, and many other dried bodily fluids.

THE DUST-MITE : The dust-mite is very underestimated and is the leading cause of many allergies including : Asthma, Hay-Fever ( rhinitis ) and Eczema. Other symptoms include : Bronchitis, Itchy Red Eyes, Puffy Eyes, Sinus Problems, Headaches, Fatigue, Coughing, Sneezing, Dermatitis and even Depression.

The Bacterias and mould's that are present in the mattress can cause upset stomach, Nausiea and Diarrhoea.

No other area of your home, not even the toilet contains such a cluster of hazardous impurities in one area and we sleep on it every night breathing in all its contaminants.

But don't feel guilty, until now, you could do nothing about this disgusting problem. No domestic mattress cleaning could deal with this problem as most of it is hidden beneath the surface of your mattress.

Do not expose yourself or your family to these health hazards. We can provide a healthy comfortable environment for you and your family to sleep in. Don't put it off, book our new hygiene service today.


Our service is laboratory approved and is dry and chemical free!

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